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Retail Spotlight: One Sharpened Pencil

At Falls Flowers, we believe in community. We believe in small business. We believe in the craft that Philadelphia artists are producing every day. We work as hard as we can to carry items in the shop made right here in our hometown.

It can often be a challenge to fill the shelves with all sorts of great items, but Morgan- our retail manager- has masterfully sought out items that are perfect for our shop and perfect for our customers. We are very proud of what we carry, so proud that we want to feature once a month one of the items we have in shop!

One of our favorite new items in the shop are fantastically whimsical cards created by One Sharpened Pencil in our very own neighborhood, East Falls. Does it get more local than that? (Only if we made them in the shop!).

They are beautifully printed on thick card stock. And they can’t help but to make you smile!

Here is a snippet of a few cards that we carry in store:

il_570xN.564430328_tj4z il_570xN.564436666_pdeu il_570xN.597804950_iih2 il_570xN.597910555_504d il_570xN.598145619_pzv7 il_570xN.707649914_q3ca il_570xN.707656518_9e2e(photo credit: One Sharpened Pencil)

From Instagram:


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