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In the Name of Autumn- Retail Specials & Floral Design Highlights!

It really is an understatement to say that fall is just the best. Cooler temperatures that require cozy knits and warming up with a cup of tea, the endless bounty of colorful dahlias, little loves dressing up as their favorite princesses and super heroes all in the name of chocolate.

To celebrate this spooktacular time of year, we are cooking up some deals on our two recently featured vendors: Olliver Lifestyle & One Sharpened Pencil.

  • 15% off of Olliver Lifestyle’s fall collection
  • Buy 2 One Sharpened Pencil cards, get 1 free

Let’s go in reverse for just a minute (or two), and revisit the thought of endless bounty of colorful dahlias and what that means for us, and mostly for you! The flowers in season this time of year are just plain swoony. They are swoony and perfect and begging to go home with you- or to be sent to your sweetheart- or to one of your favorite pals.

Look, I’ll show you what I mean. Here’s what we’ve been cooking up lately:

dahlia arrangement part two dahlia arrangement kale arrangement zinnia


Also, now that I have your attention, it is the perfect time to give everyone a refresher of our delivery policies!

  • East Falls deliveries have no minimum and no delivery charge, yep that’s right!
  • All deliveries outside of East Falls have a $50 minimum
  • Our delivery charges range from $6-$15, depending upon the place of delivery
  • All arrangements are created using seasonal flowers; so for example, during the fall, we won’t be able to use flowers such as peonies, hyacinth, anemones, daffodils, tulips.


See you soon!

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