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Crystal & David | Wedding at Arts Ballroom

Crystal & David’s wedding at the Arts Ballroom was so beautiful. The wedding colors were varying shades of purple with white. The look was so crisp, and paired so beautifully with the colors in the space. The final look was delicate, airy, and whimsical.

Now, this is a couple (and a wedding party… and a family…) that is just so darn attractive, one can hardly notice flowers in the photos, but we beg you to please try. Especially try to notice Crystal’s bouquet. We are still losing our minds over that beauty. And her bouquet, too!

Thank you, Karlo Photography, for beautifully capturing the day!

KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0070 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0094 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0141 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0198 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0266 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0267 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0269 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0292 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0293 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0306 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0326 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0380 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0414 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0460 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0468 KarloPhotography-Crystal&DavidWedding(Print)0470


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